Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Weekend With the Masters

American Artist magazine is hosting Weekend With the Masters this fall, from September 9-13. It will be held at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, about an hour south of Denver.

The event will include not only workshops and demos but also panel discussions, presentations, an exhibit, a benefit silent auction of donated small works, a sunrise painting demonstration in the Garden of the Gods, lunchtime lectures from noted art historians and museum directors, a showing of the film Local Color followed by Q&A with writer/director (and painter) George Gallo, and an evening reception for all the participating painters, including:

Richard Schmid
Daniel F. Gerhartz
Kevin Macpherson (see painting, top)
Mary Whyte
David A. Leffel
Quang Ho
Scott Christensen
Timothy J. Clark
Sherrie McGraw
Scott Burdick
Joseph McGurl
John Salminen
Jeremy Lipking
Susan Lyon
Skip Whitcomb
Stephen Quiller
Jacob Collins
Frank Serrano

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