Thursday, April 30, 2009

Instructional DVDs

We've been wondering what kind of resources were available in the realm of instructional DVDs. Of course, many professional painters make their own DVDs that are available on their websites. Here are some places that are more general:

Creative Catalyst Productions and Art Workshops TV have been working together to produce and distribute DVDs for all skill levels and media. The DVDs are available online or can be shipped.

The Artists' Place is the distributor for (British producers) APV Films in USA, Canada, Japan, Taiwan and some South American countries. APV has been making films since 1985 with renowned painters on location in extremes of climate and terrain as well as in the artists' studios.

Artist Network TV lets you watch online. You can sign up to watch one or more DVDs online for six months. They also offer DVDs for sale.

The Carder Method is a system that combines a two-DVD set with two tools, a Color Checker and a Proportional Divider, as "training wheels" to teach you how to see accurately when painting from life. Absolutely no talent required. ("Spend a year. Paint ten still-lifes. Learn to see.")

At Amazon, you have to search "Movies and TV" for art instruction DVDs. Only about nine are about painting, and then it starts to get into playing music and bellydancing.

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Thanks for this information. Instructional dvds are truly helpful foe us to learn many things particularly in music and in arts.