Monday, April 20, 2009

Sketching Birds from Life

If you sit inside a blind (maybe near a water source), remain quiet, wear subdued colors or camouflage, use binoculars and your peripheral vision, have your materials at the ready (using toned paper would be less disturbing to wildlife) and practice patience, you can fill your sketchbook with all kinds of birds and other wild creatures. Focus closely for a second or two (take a "snapshot" with your eyes), then look at your paper and re-create the pose & gesture.

Here is a birder's blog, and here is a quote from one of the posts:

To draw something is to own it. You take home a sheet of paper with an image filtered through you, and you have an intense experience of the subject that can’t be taken away. You have absorbed it’s every motion, nuance, feather tract and life-force and it becomes a member of the academy of brain cells and nerve fibers. If, someday, you see that species again, you have the reserves to work from, the muscle memory, and the proportions are stored where you can retrieve them again. ~ Debby Kaspari

This is her website. Most of her work is done on paper, either in graphite and pastel, pen and ink, or watercolor; acrylic on board or canvas is used as well.

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