Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Earl Carpenter

We received a note from painter Earl Carpenter (he also has a page at Ask Art), who has been traveling for weeks at a time, over the last forty years, to paint on location. He was wondering if there are any orgaizations for people who do this, to share information, ideas, suggestions and support. We've heard of RV organizations (there are several), but is there one for painters?

We are always amazed to see the Dogwood trees in bloom when we travel through the midwest in spring, and there must be a thousand such spectacles if you know where to look. On the other hand, maybe ordinary situations, like prairie grass when it begins to turn green, cropland in the fall or a pasture full of cattle, can inspire.

If you know about an existing group, or if you'd be interested in creating one, you can get in touch with Earl Carpenter at his e-mail address,

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