Monday, March 30, 2009


Often it seems that plein-air painting experiences become stories, or our paintings become illustrations, either of a trip or of our own life. Recently, many options have opened up if you want to publish your own book.

Leon Loughridge goes about it the old-fashioned way, using nineteenth century letterpresses and woodblock prints to create his limited-edition handmade books. He was raised on a ranch near Santa Fe, New Mexico, and one of his books, Memories of the Diamond A, tells the stories of that time & place. His other books focus on the Flint Hills of Kansas, the Santa Fe Trail and the Gore Range in Colorado. Also, his guide to traveling with watercolors is available exclusively through Judsons Art Outfitters. His upcoming publications will involve Las Montanas de Santa Fe (poetry by John Macker), Beef Basin, Utah, and the Cimarron Branch of the Santa Fe Trail.

"Maybe I should make a map of where your paint boxes have traveled but then it would be a wiggly zig zag line all over the SW. It is those paintings out doors that become the core inspiration and structure of the woodblocks." - Leon Loughridge

He was also invited to participate in the prestigous annual Coors Western Art Exhibit at the National Western Stock Show in Denver this past January.


vickiandrandyrossart said...

If you need any help with an experienced POD (print on demand) person, let me know!

Judsons Art Outfitters said...

Thanks, Vicki and Randy!