Thursday, March 26, 2009

David DeArmond, plein-air watercolor

David DeArmond lives in Kansas but travels around the world with his watercolors, pens, markers, acrylics and oils. He spent some time in New Orleans two years after Hurricane Katrina, sketching the partially rebuilt residences with FEMA trailers still in front of them.

Another project he took on was painting in each of the counties of Kansas. He even painted the Pueblo Indian ruins El Cuartelejo in southwestern Kansas. Who knew there were Pueblo Indian ruins in Kansas? Taos Indians settled here with a band of Plains Apache around 1664, and over the years it became a sort of cross-roads between Picuris, Spanish, French, Pawnee, Comanche and Ute. It was eventually abandoned in the early eighteenth century.

"Between April 2007 and April 2008 I completed a personal challenge to create at least two pieces of artwork, (11x15 inches or larger) in each of the 105 counties of Kansas, within one year. 32 nights in motels, 7,600 miles driving and I have them done."

Here is Dave's website.

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