Sunday, March 29, 2009

American Academy of Equine Art

Animals are a natural subject for plein-air painters. They live outdoors and interact with each other, with you and with their landscape. They don't hold a pose (unless they're asleep), and you don't always find them in a convenient spot.

For all the difficulty, though, they make a rewarding subject. Their graceful gestures and interactions can create dynamic compositions, and their keen attention and (depending on the species) physical power can draw us in. They’re all around us, but they’re not something that most of us think about very much.

Horses have been portrayed in paintings since pre-historic times, and they continue to be a meaningful subject. They can evoke wild lands or domesticity, speed or sociability, beauty or rugged endurance.

The American Academy of Equine Art is devoted to teaching, exhibiting and encouraging excellence in equine painting and sculpture. They offer classes in everything from basic drawing, painting and anatomy to marketing, history, motion, expressiveness, the human form and landscape.

Here is the homepage of their extensive website.

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