Friday, March 20, 2009

Marc Hanson

Mark Hanson’s plein-air oil studies show an ability to see and to communicate the essentials of a scene using a carefully calibrated combination of accuracy and suggestion. He’s a (private) pilot as well as a painter, and it shows in his accurate observations and sense of dynamic balance.

“Initially, all that I wanted to paint was birds in a very naturalistic manner. I can't remember when I wasn't mesmerized by birds and flight. The birds as subject came first and the desire to paint followed. As I grew in ability and artistic knowledge there was a role reversal. The painting became more important and the birds as subject less so. My real interest and challenge as a painter became color, value, edges and shape and how to best manipulate those core principals into effective visual statements. Still a 'naturalist' at heart, the landscape has become the focus of my paintings."

He is a signature member of The Oil Painters of America and a founding member of P.A.P.W. (Plein Air Painters West).

He offers several workshops in his home state of Minnesota and in other locations as well. See his website here and his plein-air blog here.

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