Friday, March 6, 2009

Mel Adamson - Cycle of Water

“The rate at which we are consuming natural resources in the country, the consequences of this phenomenon, and our society’s tendency to simultaneously revere and destroy nature all influence the thoughts and feelings I bring to my visual search.

More specifically, the cycle of water, from land to cloud to rain and back to land, and our alteration of this cycle, is a theme that I’ve been exploring for a few years. From the ground, clouds appear to exist closer to the heavens, their edges fugitive, ever changing. Viewed from above, clouds appear like soft coverings, mimicking the patterns of earth, still defying human touch. I search for ways in paint to suggest the extraordinary pressure necessary for their creation, to celebrate the miracle of water – present at once as vapor, ice and liquid. With a two-degree shift in global temperatures, ice crystals that help form various types of clouds will not be able to exist. I think of clouds as indicators. We have the technology to travel through the clouds, above the clouds, yet this very technology is part of what is heating up our atmosphere and slowly strangling life itself.
With the images of dams, clouds, sewage treatment plants, contrails and such, I search for a shift in perspective away from the familiar. It is my aim in these paintings to say something about the beauty of the physical world and our marvelously complex relationship to it.” – Mel Adamson

(pictured above, Cover I)

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