Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Molly Lipsher - Artist

Molly Lipsher has been painting for more than twenty years. She works in pastel when she's painting outdoors, because it's faster than having to mix colors in paint, and you don't have to worry about them changing in value as they dry. She uses a variety of brands, including Schmincke, Terry Ludwig, Unison and Rembrandt; and prefers Kitty Wallis paper, which is heavy, sanded archival paper.

Her paintings have an abstract, high-chroma quality, but when you see them from a distance, you realize how accurate they are to the light conditions and the perspective of the scenes.

She teaches in private workshops and at the La Jolla Athenaeum School of Art, and she also writes award-winning poetry.

"I believe places have a perceptible soul, imbued by layer upon layer of cultural, physical and historical impact. These aspects of place converge with the more temporal elements of light, location and time to capture my imagination. I attempt to interpret this “soul”, the layering of elements that makes each place and moment unique, however unattainable and impossible to duplicate in art."
~ Molly Lipsher

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Helen Opie said...

Yes, "perceptible soul"! I too try to capture that - it is why I must paint on location, even if I abstract from it, rather than giving a photographic rendering such as a 16th Century explorer required - and they surpassed the as-yet-uninvented photograph, for sure. I describe it as needing to be in the vibrations of the landscape in order to perceive them. No camera can capture those vibes as we in the very landscape itself can. Thanks for refining my thoughts about vibes.