Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Another Glowing Testimonial

Janet Kingan sent us this e-mail today:

"Hi, I just wanted to tell you how crazy I am about my 9 x 12 Guerilla Box!! I took it to Ireland with me and painted every day. It was fast and easy to set up, and to travel with. I was especially pleased with the covered palette tray. Best money I ever spent on my painting!!"

Glad you enjoyed your trip, and your box, Janet! Thanks so much.

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Helen Opie said...

I, too, love my 9x12 Guerilla Box! I can sit in my car (Toyota Echo - a subcompact car) on drizzly or cold days, set up with a friend while visiting, and go out into the world, either sitting on some rock or log, or putting it onto my tripod.

I can carry it on buses in its backpack, and always have it ready to go. I learnt years ago, when I painted in WC that having everything ready in one pack meant that I painted for more frequently; it was always ready to grab & take with me; no hunting-up and assembling my gear.

And with Sporny Solvent, I can paint indoors without distress to me or my friends. Some day I'll get a Thumb Box also, for squeezing myself into more crowded places - on a boat, in a restaurant. Certainly by my 80th birthday!

Judsons Art Outfitters said...

Thanks so much, Helen. Glad you're putting it to good use!