Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Paul Kratter - Artist

Bay Area artist Paul Kratter is another graphic artist who turned to plein-air painting for inspiration after a career in illustration.

"My style changed almost overnight, although my approach remained intact, utilizing solid drawing skills and portraying strong graphic shapes. Painting outdoors has become a passion. I continue to participate in a number of plein air events annually in California. Each has its own unique topography, light and challenges, which forces me to keep my work fresh and loose.

The first impression I try to capture is a strong composition. I look to simplify the scene by making bold, graphic shapes. The light and athmosphere are ever changing, and I want to quickly establish a color script. One of the first things I determine is what is going to change the quickest. This is the key area to capture and determine the feel of the painting." - Paul Kratter

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