Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chessney Sevier - ThumBox Paintings

Chessney Sevier is a young Wyoming artist who does etchings & woodblock prints and also paints in oils & pastels. She sent us some pictures last winter of her ThumBox and how she uses it to do plein air in spite of Wyoming's famous (infamous?) cold winds.

Here is part of her artist's statement:

"Sometimes I see something and the compulsion to capture it on paper is overwhelming. I might relate the subject to a memory of when I was a child or where I grew up, to what I believe is real or more simply stated; to what is beautiful. It’s almost like beauty is painful and the only way to find resolve is to recreate it. I guess that way I can own it, experience it again on a deep emotional level and move on.
What is within a piece of art can be as important as the image as a whole. A single brush stroke can be spontaneous and bold or take the eye to depths beyond the surface of the painting. The most important element within a work of art is the piece of the artist which is given to the creation. That piece of the artist’s soul resides there and can never be repeated or taken back. To me, it’s an essential element because without it, it’s just an image. My mom has told me, “If it’s a little painful to part with a piece you’ve created, you know it’s a good piece of art.”

We're having a 20% Off special on the ThumBox and the 9x12 Guerrilla Box until next Tuesday, October 5th (even though the homepage says "September Special")...just in time to get ready for cozy "plein car" painting.

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Anonymous said...

Chessney is an amazing woman. She has a pure heart and sees the world the same. Beauty in landscape is how she views life. There are harsh elements that you endure but those adversities create a serenity when the storms end.