Monday, September 14, 2009

25th Annual Artist Ride

The Shearer Ranches, 20 miles north of Wall, South Dakota, have been hosting an invitational Artist Ride for painters who are interested in Western subjects such as mountain men, buffalo, Indians, cowboys and authentic equipment, such as stagecoaches, knives, guns, bows and musical instruments. The painting above was done by participant Jerral Derryberry.

The event is hosted by Grant and JoDee Shearer. It was started by Lavon Shearer in 1984 and moved to the ranch property in 1987. Fifty artists from around the country are invited each year, and approximately 100 models attend to serve as inspiration. Another thing that makes for an authentic feeling is the family atmosphere - there are often three generations dressed in period costumes.

Red Hawk is one of those models doing his best to maintain accuracy for artists such as Derryberry, for whom he has previously posed. The majority of his body is painted yellow, with red and blue accents. “This is a kit fox warrior design,” Red Hawk said. “We bring changes of outfits and horses here. My dad has been coming here since the beginning. My brother Lloyd was made into a gift bag,” Red Hawk said. “You might become a 1,000-piece puzzle, or end up on a plate or a poster.”

Identifying the artwork that comes out of the Artist Ride is easier than one might expect. “Just look for our symbol,” JoDee Shearer said of the logo that is half “A,” half “R” and looks like it is pointing toward something just beyond the horizon.

Thanks to our friends at Tanka Bar for posting about this on their Facebook page. Hmmm...are those *their* buffalo in the painting?

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