Monday, July 27, 2009

Pamela Turnbow - Artist

This is our first summer in our newly expanded retail space, and we've been happy to see how many people from around the country make a point of stopping by when they come to Colorado. We've had several painters from the Midwest visit us this summer, including Pamela Turnbow from Indiana.

She works in both watercolor and oils, as well as graphite, concentrating on rural subjects. She was a history major, so these subjects include antique still-lifes and people in traditional dress (both natives and settlers).

Pamela is also a regional editor for Fine Art Connoisseur magazine.


Kent Turnbow said...

Thanks for your suggestions on the back road to Estes Park,CO. It was a beautiful drive. We also went to Chugwater,Wy and got some Chugwater Chili and Pam got a painting of the cliffs. Then on up to Fort Laramie. You have a great store and so many great easels and supplies. Well worth the drive and stop at Judsons.

Judsons Art Outfitters said...

Thanks, Kent. Glad you're having a good trip. That Chugwater Chili is really good!