Monday, July 6, 2009

Jane Shuss - Artist

Jane Shuss is unusual in that she not only paints in both oils and watercolors, but she is a sculptor as well.

I'm happiest when I'm out in the field with all the elements focusing on a small piece of a beautiful landscape, out comes the juicy paint, the rather small canvas, the turps, paper towels, brushes, and hat. Suddenly everything around me disappears. In that two to three hour segment, I peer, squint, and search, the excitement builds as I see and relate the nuances of mother nature. Then I'm off to another locale as the sun has changed its effect to begin anew this most enjoyable passion we artists are so fortunate to engage in. ~ Jane Shuss

Jane Shuss studied with Sergei Bongart (1918-1985), who was the youngest pupil to be accepted at the Academy of Art in Kiev. He emphasized the way colors (and values) related to each other, like a chord in music. We're not trying to capture the colors of nature so much as to exaggerate, to "make color sing, ring like a bell."


L said...

Very beautiful paintings

Anonymous said...

Brings back memories of painting with Jane in
a workshop with Charles Reid years ago. Very
beautiful - love her simplicity.