Friday, February 6, 2009

Heiner Hertling

Heiner Hertling received his formal art training in Hamburg, Germany. After his immigration to the United States in 1965, he owned a commercial art studio until his recent retirement. He has now established an open art studio and school Milford, Michigan, where he conducts classes and workshops covering a variety of media. He also conducts classes in framing and gold leafing.

Heiner is the author of Your Brush With Nature, which has now become a PBS Series with Hiener as the host. He is a plein air and studio artist working in oil, pastel and watercolor.


bmerritt said...

You can also check out and purchase Heiner's Instructional DVD's for the Your Brush With Nature program at

Anonymous said...

This artist is amazing with oils. He explains it in clear terms and stresses values, edges and everything we tend to forget. Totally enjoy his series