Sunday, February 1, 2009

Alla Prima Demonstration by Larry Seiler


Loreen Leedy said...

Wow, an artist friend and I are taking a plein air workshop with Larry Moore and are gearing up for it... how nice to see such a terrific demo! I've never heard of counting brush strokes but can see it is a useful exercise. Thank you for posting this.

Larry said...

Hey Loreen...
Pass on my regards to Larry Moore...who I greatly admire and enjoyed hanging out with when we both participated in a week long paint out in Door County a couple summers ago.

Larry is a genuine nice guy, very fine painter...!

Brushstroke counting is a good practice to drive home that the brushstroke is not something that happens with painting, but painting happens because of the application of the stroke.

It is not advised during regular painting sessions to focus on counting...but the practice of it on the side as an exercise works its way into the intutive manner of your painting habits. You'll paint stronger and more confident.