Thursday, November 19, 2009

Theodore Waddell - Rancher & Artist

For thirty years or more, Theodore Waddell has been both a rancher (in eastern Montana) and a painter. These two vocations combine in a vision at once vast and familiar, distant and true. His work is in museums and galleries throughout the West.

"I feel as if I live in the midst of a large painting and choose parts of it to examine. There is a stability to the landscape and people here, allowing me to examine the same situation over a long period of time, even though the seasons change and people change…This stability slows me to study a place at length and appreciate it very much." - Theodore Waddell from Into the Horizon: Paintings and Sculpture, 1960-2000

He is participating in a group exhibit at the Colorado Springs Fine Art Center which will be on view until December 6th.

And be sure to check out his children's book, Tucker Gets Tuckered (written by Ted Beckstead) about his beloved Bernese Mountain Dogs. It's available on Amazon.

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