Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Marin Art School - Dorallen Davis and Jane Heaphy

The Marin Art School, founded in 2005 in Novato, California, offers a flexible schedule of day and evening classes for all levels of adult art students, providing a strong foundation of skills and discipline. Founders and instructors Dorallen Davis (above) and Jane Heaphy (below) emphasize Impressionist principles such as painting from life, seeing the effect of light on shapes and color, noticing the relationships of colors to each other and the arrangement of warm & cool colors in a composition. The cost of classes is reasonable ($150 for a six-week session) and the systematic curriculum is effective in teaching students to create competent works of art. Guest artists and painting retreats (both foreign and domestic) are also offered.

A native of Marin County, Dorallen Davis was hired to paint portraits at the 1964/5 New York World's Fair. Eventually, she realized that accurate rendering wasn't enough to express her vision, and she spent many years studying with colorist Camille Przewodik, portrait artists Cedric and Joenette Egeli, plein air painter Joseph Mendez and artist Jove Wang. She also studied at San Francisco State University and College of Marin. But she credits Jane Heaphy with being her mentor in painting from life. Together, they offer nearly six decades of professional expertise in painting, seeing and self-expression.


Anonymous said...

I have been a student of Dorallen and Jane's since the school opened. I had no previous drawing or painting experience. They started with the basics of form and drawing and brought out my inner artist. Marin Art School has all levels of artists in each class and it is a wonderful atmosphere to paint in. I highly recommend the school to everyone - beginner to experienced artists. JMS

Anonymous said...

Very impressive. Thank you for the opportunity to look at your site.

Happy Holidays!