Thursday, October 8, 2009

Steve Atkinson at Canyon de Chelly

Steve Atkinson sent us a letter to thank us for quick service as he was heading out to paint Canyon de Chelly, Arizona, September 20-27 with Plein Air Southwest.

He said, "In September I placed a frantic call to you. I had just traveled to Arizona to participate in the SouthWest Plein Air's Canyon de Chelly paintout on the week of Sept 20-27th, 2009. When I got to Prescott,Az where I would be staying and painting for the week prior to the paintout, I realized I had forgotten to include my rock sling on my tripod. Doesn't sound like an emergency I know, but that sling is one of the most important pieces of my plein air set up. Not only does it keep my tripod stabilized, during windy conditions (which is just about everyday at Canyon de Chelly), but it also is what I attach my paper towel discard bag to. I placed my order online and called to talk to one of your staff to see if they could get it to me as quickly as possible. I don't remember the young woman's name who answered the phone and helped me, but she couldn't have been more helpful or understanding. I got the bag in a couple of days, and she made the paint out something I will never forget."

He wrote about the experience in his blog, including some local history, wildlife and strategies for painting such a large-scale landscape.

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Judsons Art Outfitters said...

And the story continues... Steve sent us this email yesterday. He actually won a ThumBox with the painting that the stone bag enabled him to get:

"Hi Sarah,
I was the artist who was awarded the Judson's Thumbox Award at the Outdoor Painters Society's Plein Air Southwest show at Southwest Gallery earlier this month. I just wanted to send an email to thank you for your participation and generosity in this show. I do already have one of your thumboxes, but it's always good to have a back up. I'll keep this one in my car always ready to use.

The really cool thing about getting this award from you is that I was the guy who called you before the Canyon de Chelly paintout in September. I was in a panic because I had forgotten to bring my rock sling and needed to have you send me one quickly. I got it and went to the paintout and during that paintout produced the painting "Sunset at Spider Rock", which won your award. Great story! And, it was so windy at that location, that I couldn't have stood on the cliff's edge and produced that painting, without that sling loaded down with rocks.

Thanks again for the thumbox, I will do my best to wear it out :0)

Happy Painting, Steve"

Congratulations, Steve! Have fun trying to wear it out...