Sunday, October 11, 2009

New Product - Hinged-Front Box

Over the years, we've had customers ask us if we could put a hinge on the front of the Guerrilla Painter Box to allow easier access to the palette and the inside of the box. We listened to their request and created a limited-edition 9x12 box with a hinged front. It has all the features of the classic Guerrilla Painter 9x12 box, which is really a self-contained portable painting studio (over 80% of the storage capacity of a French easel) that weighs only 5 pounds. The entire box is made from strong basswood laminate, the lid holds up to four wet panels (or one stretched canvas), and underneath the sliding palette is space for brushes, brush washer, paint tubes, rags, mediums, etc. The lid adjusts 180 degrees and you can set the box on your lap, on a table or on a tripod (comes with a sturdy tripod mount installed).

Click here to see its page on our website.

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