Friday, May 15, 2009

Jimmy Leslie - Artist

We just got back from the National Art Materials Trade Association show in Louisville Kentucky (that's the reason for the recent lack of posts here).

While there, we met Jimmy Leslie, a New Jersey painter who has become Resident Artist/Technical Support Manager at Colart Americas, Inc. (the North American distributor for, among other brands, Winsor & Newton and Liquitex). We sent him away with a paintbox, tripod and wet painting carrier.

"As an artist I am not trying to alter anyone’s view of the world with my paintings, nor do I feel the need to address social issues. I simply want to create good, solid paintings, which seems like enough of a lifelong challenge. In doing this my subject matter tends to revolve around familiar surroundings like my neighborhood and my studio and my family life... Finding the message is up to the individual viewer. It might be found in a certain shape, a harmony of color, or a particular light source… I don’t know how to paint apples, trees, or people’s noses. What I do know is that if I paint the correct values, shapes, and colors and place them in the right position, the objects will create themselves." - Jimmy Leslie

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