Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Why Cats Paint - Book Review

This cult classic creates a fun kind of cognitive dissonance. We know that cats have keen eyesight, great capacity for concentration, excellent hand/eye(paw/eye?) coordination, a certain amount of color vision, marking and scratching behavior, curiosity...and look at all those beautiful photos! Cats caught in the act of making marks on paper.

But when the authors of this colorful coffee-table book start talking about "exploring inner feelings," "mood piece" and "for its own sake," you think, "Ah...this can't be real."

Four-legged action painters? Spontaneous reductionist? Romantic ruralist? This book is a sweet satire. A gentle parody of the world of art-speak. Elaborate and hilarious.

- Sarah Judson

Why Cats Paint
Heather Busch & Burton Silver, authors
Ten Speed Press; Third Printing edition (May 1, 1994)
12"x10" 96 pages
(Caveat: Some of the books listed on Amazon are a small-size, edited version, not nearly as nice.)

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