Friday, November 14, 2008

Lascaux 498HV 2-Way Reversible Acrylic Adhesive Price Increases

Lascaux 498HV, made in Switzerland, is the best. It is widely used in museum conservation work. It is similar to acrylic gel medium in working properties and cleans up easily with water. Once dry it can be reversed or reactivated with Xylene, a medium strength solvent. It can be used in its aqueous form as a regular adhesive, or when moisture is undesirable (such as with some oil primed canvases) it can be reactivated to make a moisture free bond.

We love the stuff and our customers agree. Some of you have already noticed that we no longer carry 498HV in 16oz or 32oz sizes, but only in one-liter size instead (1 liter = 33.814 ounces). The 1 liter bottle is more expensive than the 32oz bottle was and you probably want to know why.

We brought in our last order of 498HV three years ago when it was less expensive. Also we got it in five-liter buckets and we did the repackaging in 16 and 32 oz containers ourselves. Our most recent purchase is at the current higher price and in 1-liter packages that the supplier produces.

This leaves many of you looking for something else to use for making your own canvas panels. Well, of course, we have another option: Miracle Muck.

Miracle Muck EVA Reversible Adhesive is a less expensive alternative. It is non-yellowing and can be reactivated with heat (read: hair dryer). It forms a solid bond and works extremely well for attaching canvas to board. It cleans up nicely with warm water. It is low-acid but not acid free.

Yet another option is Yes!Paste. Widely used by artists for years, it is falling into disfavor because it is not fully archival. We will be discontinuing it, but still have some on our shelves – but not for long.

We will continue to carry 498HV because we know it’s the best and we think it’s worth every penny.

-by Alicia

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