Sunday, December 14, 2008

How the Wet Painting Carriers and Adapters Work Together

The Adjustable Wet Painting Carrier and Panel Adapters are designed to provide an integrated, flexible system for transporting a variety of sizes and types of wet paintings.

The Adjustable Wet Painting Carrier can hold 12 wet panels (1/8" or 1/4")or up to 4 stretched canvases, or you can carry a mixture of both. the removable dividers allow you to change from panels to stretched canvases. The adapters allow you to carry smaller panels in your Adjustable Wet Painting Carrier. The Adapters are available in many sizes and with the use of the adapters you can carry multiple sizes of panels at the same time. The Adapters are also designed to work in the lid of your Guerrilla Box™.

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